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Our cattery and kennels at
Benton North Farm offer private
boarding facilities
at competitive rates.
Please call in
or give us a ring on

(0191) 215 0435

All funds from boarding
help to care for the
unwanted animals
in our two shelters



You can now help us by Donating Online using the Help Button


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Abseiling: Sponsored

Air display show: model aircraft flying clubs may do a flying day to raise cash – you could have side stalls, other events going on at the same time.

Art exhibition: Art work by pupils put on exhibition and sold, and then funds come to the shelter and spectators are charged an entry/ticket fee.

Auction: get people to donate anything that will sell

Bring and buy sale


Be Silly day: Get sponsored to be silly. Exchange clothes with your other half, shave half your beard or hair, wear your clothes back to front, dance everywhere and tell jokes to everyone you meet.

Bean Bath; Get sponsored to spend a day in a bath full of baked beans – maybe somewhere more daring so everyone can see you!

Bingo: Ask your local bingo to hold an evening in aid of the shelter.

Black tie ball: Put on your best frock and dinner suit for a night of glitz. Hire out a venue and invite colleagues and friends to a three-course meal and dancing. Ask your local jazz or pop band to perform. Other themes for the ball could be 20,s masked and toga. Tickets could start from 20.

Car treasure hunt:  a route of about 30 miles is best – sell refreshments at the start and at the end of the hunt, while people wait for the results - maybe the local garage could donate a prize

Casino Evening; Hire a gaming table and hall for the evening. Or enjoy a game at your friends house or local pub, everyone put money into the pot to play.

Coffee Morning; Hold your own coffee morning, ask your friends for a donation for a coffee and biscuit.

Comedy hour: Hold a comedy stand-up show during your lunch hour. Charge people to attend

Community helpers: Walk your neighbour’s dog for a fee, start up a fancy dress car wash service in your community centre car park or church.

Changing rooms: Transform your office/classroom into a completely different places, then pay to spend the day wearing clothing of that particular theme.

Cat tricks: Ask your cat to do a sponsored pounce

Cricket match: an event on behalf of the shelter

Custard pie fight: let the local media know

Disco ; Have fun with a themed disco night i:e Saturday Night Fever

Disco night: Hold a nightclub in your school or college. Everyone brings a CD

Dress code: Have a casual dress day at work, school, and university. Everyone pays to do this.

Dance-athon: Host a day of non-stop dancing (disco, belly or foxtrot/tango or line-dancing).

Dog Stadium: Ask the local dog track if you can hold an event there in aid of the shelter

Doggie Walks: Hold a sponsored dog walk.

Dinner party: Hold a fundraising meal at home – sell tickets for people to attend

Darts night: sponsored

Dry cornflakes: Bet who will finish the bowl of dry cornflakes first

Dog tricks: Teach your dog a trick and get friends to pay to watch – your dog could carry a bucket around to collect the money.

Easter egg hunt/Party

Eyebrows ; You may have shaven them off on a drunken night with friends. But this time get sponsored to do it, they will always grow back.

Film show: Spend an afternoon watching your favourite films on DVD or video. Everyone pays to attend.


Fashion show – recycled: Get all you family and friends involved, charge an entry fee. Auction off clothes at the end of the show? Good quality clothes that are perhaps unwanted gifts?

Football Tournament ; Schedule fixtures and charge people to enter a team. Ask local business to donate prizes.

Game Show; Create or mock your own TV game show in a local community centre, local pub or at your house. Try old favorites like Family Fortunes, Play Your Cards Right Or Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

Garage sale: Get the neighbours to rummage through their houses for hidden treasures they would be happy to part with, and then hold a sale on your street

Guest Speaker: Invite a guest speaker to give a free talk to your social group or in a local hall.

Grow your own: Buy packets of seeds, grow plants and sell them at a profit

Hold a fete: Get all your friends involved and hold a fete in your local street, hall or community centre. Sell homemade jams, art craft, plants, cakes. Face painting and a bouncy castle?

Halloween ball

Have a picnic: Spend your lunchtime in your local park with a delicious picnic. Everyone brings along a treat of their choice and pays a fee to join in.

Helping hand: Get relatives to pay you for helping them with dog walking, vacuuming, washing the car, washing the dishes and food shopping.


International food evening: Everyone cooks a dish from a different country of their choice, then the food is sold at the event. Collect all the recipes together and sell them as a book at the end of the night.

Ice-cream: How much can you eat in one hour – get sponsors

Ironing; Offer your ironing services for a donation towards the care of our animals.

Line Dancing; Raise funds while you enjoy a good old dance

Job swap: Get sponsored to do a colleague’s job for the day.

Karaoke mayhem: Show your colleagues what a good singer you are (or not!) by taking to the mike for the afternoon of karaoke singing. Maybe a friend has a machine you can borrow or perhaps hire one for the day. Participants and spectators pay to join in.

Knit and natter: Pull out all those knitting needles and invite your friends and neighbours over for a gossip. Get sponsored for how many squares you can knit in 4 hours. Or needlecraft/stitch work.

Masked ball


Money snake: Mark out a long wiggly line 30 meters long; get people to donate their 2p pieces to complete the snake – When its finished you will have 25

New Year Resolutions ; We all try and start the New Year with good intentions, but next time get sponsored in aid of  our animals- it may give you more incentive to stick to it.

Night in: Stray in on Friday and Saturday and donate the money you saved.

Office dares

Office/School idol: Hold a Pop Idol competition.

Outward Bound; Get sponsored to take part in some rock climbing, hiking or camping in the great outdoors.

Parachute Jump; For the brave and more adventures person you could get sponsored to take a jump.

Pound 4 pound: Ask everyone you meet to give you just one 1coin.

Poetry and music night: Hold a recital for your family and friends, neighbours. Sing songs, play instruments and recite poetry. The audience pays to watch

Pupils V Teachers: Hold a quiz night.

Quiz question: Hold a quiz at your local pub.

Race Night; Ask you local pub to have a race night. A typical evening would consist of eight prerecorded races shown on a big screen after bets have taken place. The tapes are normally supplied by the race operators. Look into this prior as some gaming regulations may apply.

Read-athon: Sponsorship to read as many books as you can in a month.

Rugby/Football: event in fancy dress


Reunion day (a): for pupils, teachers or family who haven’t met in years – donations to the shelter.

Reunion day (b): Got a dog or cat from the shelter? A reunion at the shelter for the animals, tickets sold and proceeds to the shelter

Run /Walk for cash: Get active and get sponsored by taking part in running events. There are a number of these races you can participate in all over the UK.

Hold a fancy dress sponsored walk

Spelling bee: Look in the dictionary, pick the most difficult words to spell and hold a quiz with it

Step back in time: Go back to the 70s or even the 60s by coming to work in clothes that define these colourful decades.   Perhaps you were a New Romantic or a Flower Child

Skill auction: Offer your skills and services to the highest bidder. You could offer to fetch your colleague’s lunch, tidy their desk and do their filing.

Sweepstakes: Hold a sweepstake for the Grand National, Wimbledon, football matches and other major events.

Sports battle: Organise a knockout sports tournament in your local park, be it football, tennis, Frisbee or rounders.  Everyone who takes part or watches the match pays a fee. Hold a golf, darts event.

Social fun: Raise money for us at your next social – go bowling, ice-skating,  paint-balling, Swimming

Shocking socks: Get sponsored to wear the silliest socks over your trouser legs

Sponge Throwing;  A brave sole needs to volunteer to be the target, so players can pay to throw a wet sponge at them. It is a great idea to arrange at work or at school to let people get their own back on the boss or Head Master.


Talent Competition ; Host you own talent competition in the X Factor style, with a panel of judges and let the audience cast their vote.  Charge people to enter the competition and sell tickets for the big night, you never know you might discover the next Kyle or Take That!

Talk don’t type: Have a non-email day at work. Everyone pays a fee to take part and pays if they break the rules

TV out: Get sponsored for going without the TV for a week/give up junk food for a month.

Treasure hunt: at work, at home, in the park – invite loads of people

Ugly tie competition

Unwanted Presents ; Ask your local community centre or hall to let you hold a post –Christmas sale. Give people the opportunity to sell all those unwanted presents, and help raise money for the shelter.

Variety night: You could have dancers, magicians and a ventriloquist.

Whip around

Who’s the baby: Get everyone to bring in a photo of themselves as babies, then charge people to guess identities.

Walk don’t ride: Step away from the lift! If you work in a high-rise building, introduce a ‘lift-toll’ for a day and charge everyone to take the lift.

Waxing ; For all the brave hairy men out there!  Get sponsored to have your legs or chest waxed, this will separate the men from the boys.

Wine tasting: Invite an ‘expert’ or wine dealer to bring along a few cases of wine and donate the proceeds


Wacky races: Get several teams together to enjoy various races, three-legged, egg and spoon, Skipping, sack races.

Xmas Hamper ; Make up a Christmas hamper by asking for donations, and then raffle it at work or your local pub.

Yard of Ale; Organize a competition between yourself and others to see who can drink the yard of ale (or soft drink) in the quickest time. Charge people to enter into the competition.

Yorkshire pudding: sponsor how many you can eat (Aunt Bessie makes the best)

Zebedee look-alike party: For all those who remember Magic Roundabout

Zodiac Evening;  Ask a guest astrologer to help you host a fundraising night. Charge entry as well as for their horoscopes, it can be a fun night for everyone.

Zombie party



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